Kristina Korsholm is hooked at Energii

The Danish actress, model and writer Kristina Korsholm is living and working in the US but have been in Denmark for work and therefor couldn’t follow her normal training routines eg. at Moksha Hot Yoga. Being a model and actress she naturally looked for something else while working in Denmark. She found Energii through a friend and she’s been hooked ever since.

Kristina have written a blog post about her Energii training and amongst other she writes;

“Energii offers 2 types of workouts; one is called the ‘Reformer Class’ and the other the ‘Heat it Up class’. I have tried both and both are hard as f#ck and they both definitely do the job. The job being; Giving you abs, a tight butt, firm arms and a strong, healthy back.”


“Some of my girlfriends here in Copenhagen who think about taking a class with Gitte and Sanni are concerned that it is too hard. I wont’ lie, it is hard. But it is also a very safe environment. Meaning, if you have certain concerns about your physic or health don’t hesitate to consult with the girls. As hardcore as they might be, as soft and helpful can they be.”

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Kristina Korsholm is hooked at Energii

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