What is Reformer training?

Reformer trainingThe reformer is the main machine in Pilates based resistance training. The system of the Reformer is made up of springs, loops, a gliding carriage and a bar which challenges body and mind. The resistance is created by the combination of springs and ones own body weight. When training the carriage, body, arms and legs are in movement which challenges and improves a person’s strength, suppleness, balance, coordination and concentration.
A lot of different exercises can be carried out on the Reformer which gives an intense work out of the entire body. Reformer training is known for creating elongated, strong, supple muscles as well as an athletic figure. The exercises are done lying on the back, front, on the knees as well as sitting and standing depending on the level of the training. There are more Reformer exercises for strengthening the arms and legs than in classic Pilates training on the floor. The classes and the resistance from the springs, challenges the strength and stability of the core further. At Energii, the Reformer is used for both group classes as well as for individual and private classes.

Reformer training

Today, Reformer training is one of the most widely spread forms of exercise among actors, models, dancers and professional sports start in the world. Also the wider parts of the population in countries as USA, Canada, Australia and big parts of Europe has discovered the highly effective, body toning and posture improving way of training. Further more the system is highly used with in rehabilitation and physical therapy.