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About Reformer training

Class informationThe Reformer classes at Energii focus on high energy and functional core training. The purpose is to give the body an all round work out in the shortest amount of time. The result is a dynamic and intense work out which burns off the calories fast and gives you the opportunity to shape your body in a way traditional exercises cannot match. In all of Energii’s classes we will always work out the arms, back, abs and legs. You can take classes early in the morning, mid day, afternoon or night and everyone can join in – both beginners and advanced.

Start-Up reformer

Beginners class: In this class you will be introduced to the workings of the reformer. Focus will be on proper technique, while still incorporating a fullbody workout to achieve one of our “ultimate” workouts. Same workout as our Crossfit-Me on the reformer-just a bit slower.

Core-Flex-Stretch Reformer

Stretch and flex while building strength on the Reformer: Designed to increase flexibility, release muscle tension and stress, while realigning your body and improving body awarness. We take parts from the yoga world and fuse it with our style of Pilates in order to stretch and strengthen the entire body. Core exercises will be used to place emphasis on the abdomen building tight and flat tummies.

Crossfit Me Reformer

The Ultimate full body workout! Do you dare to enter?
Our crossfit workout with the reformer is guranteed to make your body burn. This class is designed to challenge your mind, body and soul! Be ready for sweat and tears and a body that will thank you!


Jump-Core-Flex is an energizing, challenging and cardio- filled class using the jump-board while engaging core strength while focusing on making legs lean and sexy. Jumping on low resistance springs helps to strengthen and tighten the abs, bum and heart. Class concludes with a 10 minute stretch leaving you relaxed and revitalized. Be prepared to work hard and breath deep!

Core-Ass Attack Reformer

Focus will be on abs, butt and legs-Get ready to feel pain in areas you didnt know existed! There will be no mercy in this class! Your body will remind you of this workout for days to come…

Power reformer

Another version of our ultimate full body workout. The music is great and the pace is high – you are challenged on strength and technique and you are pushed to the limit in every exercise. Power Reformer is for those who seek a full and thorough workout every time and are willing to put in the effort.


All classes start with a warm up and end with stretching. You are always welcome to ask the instructor questions about the class and your training.