Toned, tanned, fit, and ready

One of our hardworking Energii customers was kind enough to write a little about her training at Energii and we want to share her experience with the rest of you. So here’s what Tayler wrote.

Sixth Street has quickly become the local’s secret health destination spot; with help from Vitalife and Under the Mango Tree’s fresh green juices and smoothies to Uhma’s Organic spa. New to the block is a hidden gem named Energii. A hip new work out joint hailing with a vision all the way from Denmark. This is the companies second location and proves why this method is taking off fast !

Hello and Welcome to the concept of using a pilates reformer machine (minus the pilates!). The classes here are core strength resistance classes. The teachers are top notch south beach style.

Toned, tanned, fit, and ready– the instructor leads the class on a 55 minute love hate joyride ! The intensity level is cranked to the max but with their positive encouragement and demonstrations pushing through is easy and oh so rewarding ! You leave drenched in sweat feeling super accomplished.

Energii is addicting – their motto is “10 classes you will feel it, after 20 classes you will see it, and after 30 classes you will have a new body”. 30 classes…wait!? only 30 hours to a new body ?? that’s a pretty bold enticement but I’m a testament that it works ! After only 5 or 6 classes’ muscles I never knew I had are emerging and my bathing suits are fitting better and better- bonus !

They make registering and signing up for classes a breeze. The schedule is automatically uploaded every week offering an array of times, teachers, and classes. Just reserve your ideal timeslot online and show up 15 minutes early and your good to go. The studio has 8 reformer machines which heeds an amazing student teacher ratio. I always feel I’m getting plenty of attention with corrections/ adjustments when needed to ensure I’m maximizing my potential in every posture and movement.

There are 4 different levels to choose from to accommodate beginners as well as the seasoned gym rat. With a class for everyone there is no excuse not to come give it a try- first class is always FREE for you and a friend.
– Tayler S

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