Reformer training is also for the guys!

I’ve talked a lot about Energii to my friends lately and a lot of them have been part of the process of starting up and have also given great advice, shared their thoughts and come up with ideas.

Something which regularly comes up is the question about Reformer Training and Pilates being for men or not, and let me make it clear – it is!

Joseph PilatesWhile women has ripped the fruits and benefits of Pilates training for years it isn’t until recently that men has started gaining interest for this way of working out despite the fact that it actually was invented by a man – Joseph Pilates – who originally worked with boxers and acrobats. It has taken a lot of years but men of all ages and skills are finally realizing the huge advantages, which lies within the world of Pilates.

The list of sportsmen who’s on the highest levels within their field and who use the Pilates way of training is long but this way of exercising is not just for picked athletes.

If you play for sports for example golf, soccer, ride bikes, ski, run or work out in a fitness centre the Reformer can make a huge difference for your body. If you are recovering after an injury or operation or if you just want to improve your strength, suppleness and enjoyment of life this way of exercising can really help you.

It’s a huge misunderstanding that Pilates is a soft form of training and a shame for all the men who steers clear of this way of working out because they think, that it’s only for the ladies – it’s not!

By using core engaging and strengthening exercises the entire body gets a different and challenging work out.

First of all – every exercise has different levels depending on each person’s abilities which makes Reformer Training something for everyone. Secondly – the system of exercises is holistic which not only strengthens the body but also improves flexibility, suppleness and posture.

And this is some of the reasons the Reformer training is so popular with athletes – the male ones too ….

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