Inspiration from London

After staying in both Miami and Ibiza in the summer of 2011 where I first learned about the Reformer machine, I went to London – more precisely I visited with a chain with four studios called “HeartCore” which is the city’s most renowned Reformer chain.

My Reformer experiences have varied a lot – both abroad and in Denmark. I was very inspired by HeartCore and the way the run their classes.

I immediately feel in love with the training method exactly because of what the Reformer can do when you and your body is working in sync with the machine. I felt that my body was being stretch like I had never felt it before. As an instructor in aerobic, dance and spinning I’ve always stretched after a class – not to a degree where I could do a split but it was a good thing, and I needed the “less is more”.

In the spring of 2011 I completed an education within yoga and Pilates. This really put my body to the test and suddenly stretching meant something completely different to me – my body was so altered compared to when I started! I totally surrendered to this new world – mostly because of my new found suppleness.

After my first Reformer classes I once again had to succumb myself! A machine which could help my body stretch in ways I had never tried or thought possible. As well as getting a fantastically stretched body I was beginning to little changes with my body, I was stronger, more toned and my posture, which had always been my great weakness, improved immensely.

Back to HeartCore in London. I started out booking my classes online and wondered why I couldn’t book two classes in one day? I gave the manager, Amy, a call and she explained that the body cannot handle more than one class a day. I thought “Well…” and was beginning to form a long and confident sentence in my head about the shape I was in but chose to follow her advice about one class a day – an advice which turned out to make very good sense to me after my first class at HeartCore.

And that was when I thought “we have to be able to train this way in Denmark too” – it was so amazing! 55 minutes with strengthening and stretching in a pace where technique was key and where I got the one thing missing everywhere else – music. The music in class made me push my self further even when I thought I couldn’t anymore and had to give in to the springs, pulls and moving “carriage” of the Reformer.

I have tried a lot of different ways of training and after 25 years of experience in the fitness world I am convinced of one thin – that Reformer training is here to stay. Once you have felt and seen the changes in your body, so don’t want to do anything else.

Heartcore i London

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